Our Story

Founded in 2013, VS MEDIA is the first multi-channel network fo- cusing on the diversity of the Chinese millennial lifestyle. Its goal is to create a vibrant community for both brands and influencers by crafting a sense of authenticity and genuineness through original content.

VS MEDIA is powered by content-driven social commerce and offers brands with local, relevant and effective content from Influencers.

From advising direction and support for cross-marketing, social media and search optimization, to providing production facilities and funding and cultivating new IPs, VS MEDIA enable aspiring influencers by providing them professional tools to develop, market and monetize their original content.

The company continues to grow internationally from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and beyond.


Headquartered in Hong Kong with a global reach, VS MEDIA collaborates closely with brands and influencers to create unconventional digital marketing strategies that leverage the popularity of influencers to drive sales. Our well-established relationships with strategic social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Google, Tencent, and TikTok, are imperative to build a greater community.



Community is key to brands and influencers. The more that brand and influencer can stay connected to their communities, thoughts and passions, the more loyal they are. Once more like-minded people are connected, they know they belong to each other and gradually foster a strong community and become advocates that their voices contribute to real behavioural change.


‘Authentic‘ is the new ‘cool‘; audiences are attracted to genuine content regardless of a micro- and even a nano-influencers. What makes an influencer cool is not just about the number of follow- ers, but more importantly, their genuine and inspirational content.


Focusing on social commerce, we strategically match brands with suitable Influencers across different platforms and through various formats, particularly live-streaming. Moreover, we identify and develop different ways to expand IP for influencers ranging from product design, working with manufacturers, selling merchandise online and of- fline to their fans. Given peer-to-peer connection remains a powerful force behind consumption decisions, influencers and brands can also leverage our self-proprietary platform, CRUUSH, to drive transactions and engage fans.


VS MEDIA skilfully constructs the global millennial community by aggregating big data based on the demographics of the followers and their transaction activities to better understand digital con- sumers and what is working. The data analytics informs us of the deep insights for bridging brands and influencers effectively to aim exactly at the target business growth.