Revenue Generation

VS Media is committed to creating opportunities of monetization for influencers, increasing your CPMs and finding sponsorships. Influencers can leverage our relationships with brands, including those on the Fortune 500, to expand their connections and increase their revenue.

Content Strategy

We are dedicated to notable campaign management and diversify your channels across multiple platforms such as YouTube, Xiaohungshu (Red Book), Facebook and even Spotify to increase virality. We also help you build your brand when you focus on building your original content.

Production Services

With the state-of-the-art studio set-ups and filming technique, our in-house production teams work closely with influencers to take their authentic content to the next level.

Global Reach

From the nano to mega, our influencers will reach their fullest potential with our data-driven strategy to increase their following, creating meaningful communities wherever they are in the world.

Marketing & PR

Our marketing and PR team is filled with seasoned experts on building the profile of influencers in order to amass followers. We also line up influencers to meet with celebrities and attend prominent events to increase the awareness of our influencers.

Personal IP

We believes every influencer has a unique personality. Our merchandising team helps you produce innovative merchandise with your own brand identity to expand revenue, as well as via partnerships around product placement, affiliate links, and brand sponsorship.

Social Commerce

CRUUSH is a revolutionary solution to upend the definition of “influencers”. It is open for everyone to register, discover what you like to try, share your actual experience after using the products and trying the restaurants, then earn commissions. Discover, share, and earn – as simple as that!

Social Commerce


The global theme of G.H. Mumm 2020 is “Celebrate”, however with the social events that happened in Hong Kong since 2019, the market momentum was negative, while many HK people are also in negative sentiment. To blend with the global theme with the current local situation, VS came up with an original video idea featuring the personal authentic story of up and rising celebrity Dickson Yu - who got a coma back in 2018 and changed his attitude of living afterward, to communicate one of the key brand messages - “It’s not about where you end but how you begin”. Through a comprehensive story flow with plot twist and designated music, VS strategically brought the ups and downs of Dickson on screen and built the linkage between his story and the moment for celebration to encourage hope in society, as to emphasize that there’ll always be the moment for celebration. Product highlight is designed only to be presented in the celebration part to shape a positive image of the brand.

To promote MGTO’s SMART tourism, and showcase Macao‘s attractiveness as a family travel destination, VS MEDIA has invited Leo Ku, with 3 creators’ families, featured in a series of storytelling content videos. The commonly known “SMART” personality of Leo Ku has created a strong affiliation to the products that help to build up trust by the audience. The content deliverables included a 30s teaser and 3 x 2-3 mins short videos, and have been distributed on social media platforms. The deliverables have also been adapted into various online and offline promotional materials for campaign optimization, including campaign site, chatbots, advertorials on published media, and OOH media.

To promote the Default Investment Strategy (DIS) to the general public, VS MEDIA is responsible for providing campaign creative idea, celebrities recommendation and line-up, full production services as well as media strategy to the integrated campaign. Incorporated with the tailored media strategy, the video has been adapted in various formats and distributed on different social platforms with programmatic targeting aiming to amplify the target segment and maximize campaign performance.

The YouTuber group '欸你這週要幹嘛' and '見習網美小吳' were invited to participate in a 30 days balanced diet challenge organized by QUAKER and VS MEDIA. The creators had to complete the different tasks assigned by the trainers. Through the promotion video, the audience is encouraged to join the challenge, achieve new breakthroughs, and gain confidence. The positive image of the product was also softly brought out in the video.

Parenting creator, Mom & Dad, was invited to compose a theme song and feature in the promotion video for Kao's new conditioner foam. Through the catchy melody and memorable lyrics, the song had gone viral. Apart from online platforms, the song was also broadcasted in physical stores, which helped to enhance the brand favorability of the customers.