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VS MEDIA represents the voice of young Chinese
content creators across the globe.

Our mission is to empower them and
help bring their creativity and voice to a global audience.


Founded in 2013, VS MEDIA is dedicated to empower creators and lead authentic marketing. As the first multi-channel network (MCN) focused on Chinese creators and audience, we take pride in building an international stage for the young creators to showcase their talent and passion about digital short form videos.

Our team of sales and marketing professionals also work closely with clients to produce high quality video and digital content.


Partnering with business worldwide and having local offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Shanghai, our team at VS MEDIA is of international background and is also resourceful in the Greater China region. We work closely within the region and with our partners across the world, facilitating cross-border projects and bringing regional brands and creators to the international stage.
Being a MCN, we have on hand creative power driven by our creators and also platform resources stemming from established relationships with distributing platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Google, Weibo, Meipai, Tudou Big Fish, Tencent, and NetEase. VS MEDIA also negotiates and facilitates the cooperation between creators and advertisers, transforming creative ideas into branded campaigns and a sales-driving force.